About War Films

Jarhead movie poster used to promote film

In recent years war films have increased in numbers thanks to major box office successes such as Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, and Jarhead. With the numerous wars throughout human history, this genre is a vast one covering wars from World War 2 to Vietnam, and from the American Civil War to the lesser known wars such as the Hussite war.

Wars that have had films made about them, will be published on this site. The current wars covered include:

War Film Resurgence

War films have become one of the most watched genre of films in the past decade. A lot of this can be attributed to huge successes at the box office, the success of TV mini-series such as Band of Brothers, and also the increase in the number of computer games that are manufactured. This has culminated in people having a greating understanding of war, and the emotions that people go through.