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Fateless (Sorstalansag)

Fateless is set in Budapest, 1944, based around a 14 year old character, Gyuri, whose father is being sent to a labour camp.
June 2006


Esma is living with her 12-year old daughter Sara in Grbavica, a quarter of the city Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sara is the result of a war-time rape by Chetniks, a fact that is hidden by her mother who is struggling between the painful past and the love to her daughter.
August 2006


Escape To Victory

Movie poster originally used in 1981 to promote Escape To Victory

Escape to Victory is a 1981 film about Allied prisoners of war who are interned in a Nazi prison camp during World War II. The prisoners of war (POWs) agreed to play an exhibition match against local German troops, only to find themselves involved in a Nazi propaganda tournament. The DVD is being re-released to coincide with this summer's World Cup tournament.
5th June 2006