Wednesday, 15th August 2018

About Middleton High School

ICT focused classroom with computers is our vision of the future

Middleton High School is a secondary school based in the north east of England, in a region known as Teesside. Construction on the school began in 1946, after the Second World War, and was completed and opened in 1949. The school was originally a grammar school with half dedicated to boys and the other half to girls. This was abolished at Middleton High School in 1964, and the school became one of the first regionally to teach mixed gender classes.

The school's aim was always to be at the forefront of education, and in 1989, a new extension was built to allow for an additional 300 pupils, with some 15 state of the art classrooms being built, including a new science laboratory, a spacious Art studio, and several computer rooms, which then housed Acorns, and BBC computers. We have always believed since the introduction of our computing classrooms that ICT was always going to be vital in developing the skills of pupils for future study and employment.

In 2004, all our computer systems, with thanks to our partnership with Viglen, were upgraded to the latest models, with dual core processors, and flat screen monitors. We have also added several new facilities such as video capture and editing facilities, and a recording studio.

Also all classrooms throughout the school were refurbished to include electronic whiteboards which have allowed staff more flexibility in delivering course material to pupils, and allows material to be prepared in advanced.