Wednesday, 15th August 2018

School Subjects

One of our classrooms with an electronic whiteboard

As part of the current curriculum we teach a number of varying subjects, including the new subject Citizenship, which was introduced in 2003. We have broken down most areas into seperate faculties to allow each subject to be managed more efficiently. For example Geography, and History, are not combined into one Humanities faculty as we do not believe this is the way forward in effective teaching. Clicking each subject will give you more in depth detail of how the subject is run and what sort of topics will be covered during the five years a pupil experiences at Middleton High School.

In the next few years we are anticipating the addition of new subjects to allow our pupils to have a more diverse choice in their GCSE education. Courses will include Business Studies, Economics, and more yet to be decided by the school governors. Any news on these new subjects will be made available as soon as possible.