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For over 10 years I have been designing and developing websites using various technologies. I strongly believe in adhering to web standards as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium, for XHTML and CSS. I have also designed example websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and AJAX. As part of my Final Year Project at University I designed a PHP/MySQL content management system prototype using AJAX, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the use of AJAX in a content management system. This was done using full documentation from the planning phase through to the implementation and testing phase. The report is available to download (pdf).

Another passion I have is ensuring websites I design wherever possible are accessible according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Accessibility shouldn't just mean availability on different browsers and platforms, but available to users with varying cognitive ability. For example, poor motor skills need to be designed for by ensuring navigation is not too small, and ensuring colours don't clash for users with colour blindness. An example of a website designed to Level 3 accessibility guidelines (minus 2 areas at Level 2) is available, with accompanying documentation.

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